The College of Business Inclusion and Diversity Fellows Program encourages students to take your commitment to creating inclusive environments that celebrate diversity to new heights. This program considers the time you devote to topics related to inclusion and diversity to be an investment in our College, our campus, and your future. Earn credit for attending events, participating in organizations, studies abroad, and even certain courses.

Becoming a College of Business Inclusion and Diversity Fellow allows you to learn about the diverse cultures represented at Mississippi State and about yourself. It helps you recognize what you can do to improve the world and to take action that creates a more inclusive environment for all.

It also serves as verifiable proof that you are committed to inclusion and diversity, a topic that is rapidly gaining importance with the potential employers that are most appealing to you.
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What is the I&D Fellows Program?

The Inclusion and Diversity Fellows Program is a four-semester immersion in the ways that diversity of thought, of culture, and of experience enhances our College, our campus, and our community.

Who can participate?

Business majors currently enrolled full-time and in good academic standing at Mississippi State University are eligible for the program.

When can I join?

Ideally, you would join the program during the first semester of your junior year, but anyone who has at least four semesters before graduation can participate.

What is involved?

During each semester that you are in the program, you commit to participate in at least 20 hours of approved activities that introduce you to the diverse cultures that make up the Mississippi State University community. During your third semester in the program, you select a project that relates to inclusion and diversity and gain approval from the faculty coordinator to carry out that project. During your fourth semester in the program, you carry out that project to completion. Sample projects could include things such as forming new student groups, performing outreach to local nursing and retirement homes, working with a diverse business created through or own e-Center, or developing plans to create a new community resource.

What kinds of things count toward the 20 hours each semester?

Most activities are calcualted based on the actual amount of time that you devote to attending events such as the International Fiesta, the Gender Studies Film Festival, Safe Zone events or trainings, and meetings of approved groups. You can also earn 10 hours per semester by taking a foreign language course, an approved course related to cultural diversity, or a study abroad (credit granted for earning a grade of "C" or better). Other events will be sponsored by the Inclusion and Diversity Fellows Program and will also count toward your hours.

Will everyone participate in the exact same activities?

Actually, your program can be customized to your own interests. You will work with the faculty coordinator to select those courses, events, and activities that most interest you. You are free to propose activities that might not have been considered previously, and as long as they meet the criteria of expanding your appreciation of cultural diversity, they will likely be approved.

What if I don't meet all of the criteria?

This program is currently being piloted, so there is room for some flexibility as we determine some best practices. If you are interested in becoming an Inclusion and Diversity Fellow, or Diversity Dawg, then feel free to check with the faculty coordinator to see if there is a way we can work with your circumstances.

What's in it for me? 

Completion of your participation in the Inclusion and Diversity Fellows program earns you several things:

       You will be given a certificate designating you as an MSU College of Business Inclusion and Diversity

       You will be celebrated prior to graduation at a special ceremony and reception.
       You will be given special cords to wear at graduation.
       You will achieve an enhanced appreciation for cultural diversity in our college, our university, and 
             the business world.

       You will have tangible proof to show potential employers that you are exactly the kind of forward
             thinking employees they are actively seeking in today's environment that places a premium on
​             inclusion and diversity.

Who is the faculty coordinator?

Dr. Mike Breazeale, Associate Professor of Marketing, is the College of Business Inclusion and Diversity Officer and faculty coordinator for the Diversity Dawgs. He can answer your questions about eligibility and acceptable activities/events/courses.


We prepare the next generation of business leaders to enter the workforce by enhancing their knowledge of inclusiveness and diversity and by instilling a foundation of openness and fairness in all of their business dealings.
If you're interested in becoming a College of Business Inclusion and Diversity Fellow, then fill out the contact form below. Dr. Breazeale will get in touch and set up a meeting to discuss your eligibility and participation.

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